Project Oversight

Once construction begins, SmartSite’s focus turns to data collection. These methods are tailored for each project, taking into consideration client’s needs, specific deliverables, and any technology restrictions due to our regional proximity. Our GPS Field Technicians collect points utilizing RTK GPS to ensure that the bottom elevations of all strips, cuts, and undercuts are recorded for accurate reporting and analysis. Horizontal limits of work and fill limits are recorded and differentiated to meet reporting needs. Other data is collected by Total Station, drones, 360 cameras, and even LIDAR/photogrammetry.

Reporting is the culmination and validation of our methods. Every month during construction, SmartSite provides monthly progress reports detailing work completed to date and yet to be constructed. The information contained in these reports is derived from ongoing progress topography compared with existing and interim grades. Volumes are measured each month and compared against the previous month’s progress to reflect a contractor’s billable earned revenue. At the same time, comparison with the model ensures a contractor doesn’t get paid for moving material that isn’t required for achieving the interim grades, virtually eliminating the risk of unnecessary rehandling expenses. Our reports are packaged consistently for month-to-month verification; as a result, the contractor’s earned value is always in focus.

SmartSite’s GPS Field Technicians are trained in SWPPP/NOI compliance reporting. Walks are performed with 360 cameras and/or drone flights providing up to date documentation of site conditions.

Our expert consultants can provide a wide range of additional services including on-site project management; schedule, budget and proffer status updates; regular project meetings with Owner’s team; Contractor progress meetings, requisition support, and change management; critical structures permit coordination; SWM/BMP certification coordination; and permit closeout.

In 2016, SmartSite added UAV/drone operations to our list of oversight and documentation services. As an Enterprise Partner of DroneDeploy, we offer an add-on or stand-alone services to land development, engineering, and construction professionals.

Visit our YouTube channel for a comprehensive list of our drone videos.

Why You Need It

A typical land development project is staffed by a project manager. Even the most highly trained professional PM cannot provide the depth that an integrated team of specialists provides to ensure all divisions of work are as good as they can be.

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Bottom Line

SmartSite’s proven, innovative project management solutions allow us to keep your project headed in the right direction.

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