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Our consultants have a century of combined experience in all aspects of site construction.


From environmental reporting through full project delivery, we tailor our deliverables to fit your needs.


Facts replace opinion and produce measurable results for our clients.


Real time collaboration through integration and reporting, including public private partnerships.


We reconcile our data with the best available technology like no one else.


Sometimes there isn’t a process or solution that fits a problem. We make one!

Our Project Team.

Frank Duduk

Frank Duduk

Managing Partner, Lead Consultant

cell: 443-871-5018
direct: 877-713-1191 ext. 700

Pat Hobbs

Pat Hobbs

Partner, Mid-Atlantic Operations Manager

cell: 443-532-8640
direct: 877-713-1191 ext. 701

Jen Carpenter,PE, PMI-SP

Jen Carpenter,PE, PMI-SP

Partner, Lead Consultant & Compliance

cell: 301-518-5550
direct: 877-713-1191 ext. 702

Sean Logan

Sean Logan

Chief Analyst & CMA

cell: call direct line
direct: 877-713-1191 ext. 706

Kyle Logan

Kyle Logan

Springfield Branch Manager, Civil BIM Manager

cell: 443-615-5091
direct: 877-713-1191 ext. 704

Nick Dunphy

Nick Dunphy

Business Development Manager

cell: 443-624-7653
direct: 877-713-1191 ext. 705

SmartSite’s project team consists of the following roles:
SmartSite’s project team consists of the following roles:

  • Senior Project Manager / Lead Consultant – manages all deliverables to the Client and their third parties while coordinating all SmartSite & sub-consultant activities; responsible for schedule updates and periodic progress meetings
  • Field Representative – responsible for coordinating GCs activities
  • BIM Manager – oversees the GPS Field Technician and BIM Technician; responsible for preparation of volume reports, contractor performance analysis, SWPPP or MDE walks, and other tasks as required by the Client
  • Analyst – prepares monthly contractor requisitions based on progress reports; reviews contractor PCOs and prepares analysis and recommendations
  • BIM Technician – assists in preparation of volume reports and contractor performance analysis
  • GPS Field Technician – collects data from the field with the 3dgeopak, provides field support such as flagging, paint marks or stakes as requested by the Client for the purposes of providing model data as established by the BIM designer.

SmartSite LLC is a small, rapidly growing company founded in 2008, providing Construction Management and related products and services supporting residential, Mixed, and Commercial site/lot development (i.e. earthwork, paving, and utilities infrastructure).

We want to take the mystery out of Earthwork Management and Site Development Risk. In order to do this, Teams need transparent digital data baselines and transparent progress comparisons. Technology innovation and adaptation of Building Information Modeling (“BIM”) into new/improved delivery processes has been the central element of the Company’s notoriety and success – delivering verified customer savings of 10-25%. Leveraging substantial improvements in data availability and accuracy, SmartSite delivers unparalleled performance and value at every step of the design/build process: Pre-construction Value Engineering → Procurement → Near-real-time Progress Tracking and Reporting. Progress reporting is world-class!

Started by entrepreneurs Frank Duduk and Pat Hobbs, SmartSite operates adhering to the principals of the “Triple Bottom Line” (or 3 P’s – People, Planet, Profit) – a framework where social (People) and environmental (Planet) performance are central considerations in addition to the traditional financial performance (Profit) measures. SmartSite takes this a step further by focusing on means, methods, and services that deliver beyond compliance results.