Designed for Land Developers. We Cut Risk Down to Size.

SmartSite fills a critical void in site development construction planning and oversight. Leveraging their award-winning consultants’ expertise, SmartSite’s data collection, prediction and reporting processes result in greater transparency, less risk, and higher margins for all. From concept through completion, SmartSite creates, implements, and enforces phasing, schedules, budgets and contract documents. Their value engineering and unique process have provided unprecedented predictability on over $1B in projects in less than 10 years.

Our Services

Budgeting & Scheduling

The typical general contractor estimate for site development only represents 78% of the overall project costs. Utilizing civil 3D modeling, SmartSite’s budget processes close that gap. From preliminary budgets to detailed project team allocations, we provide budgets that reflect reality and reduce delivery risks.


With increasing competition for land, SmartSite provides our clients with the in-depth diligence they need. State-of-the-art discovery methods, including UAV/LIDAR surveys and civil 3D Modeling, allow us to create accurate budgets and cash-flows while providing a detailed analysis of the project’s earthwork, phasing, risks, and proffers.


SmartSite’s services during construction range from SWPPP/NOI documentation and compliance reporting to on-site project management with monthly requisition support, or anything in between. Our team works with our clients’ executives and consultants to provide solutions tailored to the needs of each project.

Integrated Site Planning

SmartSite’s Integrated Site Planning centers around the 3D civil model. Created as early as possible during the preconstruction stage, and updated as necessary along the way, the model is provided to all project participants and used for design, procurement, stakeout and progress reporting.

Project Delivery

The traditional lump sum contracting process creates potential for costly mistakes and contentious contractor relations. Utilizing Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) principles during procurement and delivery allows the project to be delivered as inexpensively and quickly as possible, lowering risk without sacrificing overall quality.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is a concept we apply to everything SmartSite does. We look for opportunities and alternate solutions not just during design but throughout all phases of the Project. Maximizing the project’s quality while minimizing its cost results in the greatest value for our clients.

Why us?


Our consultants have a century of combined experience in all aspects of site construction.


From environmental reporting through full project delivery, we tailor our deliverables to fit your needs.


Facts replace opinion and produce measurable results for our clients.


Real time collaboration through integration and reporting, including public private partnerships.


We reconcile our data with the best available technology like no one else.


Sometimes there isn’t a process or solution that fits a problem. We make one!