Integrated Site Planning

While the site plans may have interim conditions for rough grades and erosion/sediment control purposes, they typically provide the builder’s finished grade condition. Site development contractors, on the other hand, are paid to build the lots to the builder’s required subgrade. This difference between finished grade and subgrade can translate to large quantity differences and constructability issues related to earthwork phasing and drainage conflicts. Additionally, while the finished grade condition may reflect an overall balanced site condition, balancing individual phases of the project is often overlooked. SmartSite focuses on these phased and interim conditions to minimize the potential for material rehandling.

The certified, professional engineers of our subconsultant, Mesh Consulting LLC, create the initial model with the help of SmartSite’s experienced BIM Managers. The plans and model are thoroughly reviewed for accuracy and potential constructability issues, working with our clients and their design engineers to resolve any discrepancies and conflicts. Creating the civil 3D model as early as possible allows us to work through these conflicts before they have a chance to impact the schedule and/or budget.

SmartSite’s use of the civil 3D model doesn’t stop there. The same model used in preconstruction and design is used for project procurement and delivery, and with updates as needed due to submission/design changes, the same model is used for construction stakeout and monthly progress reporting.

Why You Need It

Unbalanced earthwork phasing, drainage conflicts, and constructability issues can wreak havoc on a site development project’s schedule and budget. SmartSite’s unique Integrated Site Planning approach allows our consultants to find these issues long before the work begins, saving our clients significant time and money.

Bottom Line

SmartSite helps integrate the engineering design intent with project delivery. All project clients, stakeholders, and contractors work off the same model – allowing for complete transparency and integration.