Does that development opportunity look too good to be true? SmartSite can help. Our experienced consultants understand the risks involved when evaluating, planning, or designing a property prior to land acquisition. We can quickly assist in gathering the high-level background information needed to provide feasibility study and diligence services for the proposed project.

The full scope of available diligence services is customized to the specific project, based upon client needs and time/budget constraints, but may include:

  • Site Analysis
  • Plan Takeoffs
  • Risk / Benefit Analysis
  • Sequencing
  • Resource Analysis
  • Earthwork Modeling
  • LIDAR/UAV Discovery
  • What-if Scenarios
  • Phasing Analysis
  • Proffer Analysis
  • Earthwork Analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Preliminary Scheduling
  • Cash Flows
  • Value Engineering

Why You Need It

With shorter due diligence periods and greater competition for sites, developers need to understand the risks and/or opportunities to make smart decisions regarding the development proposal.

Bottom Line

One of the biggest impacts to project success is doing the proper homework before spending substantial money on design and permitting.

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