Project Delivery

Using the civil 3D model prepared during diligence or preconstruction / design, SmartSite prepares the project scope, quantities, and volumes. This information is used to create preliminary construction budget, sequencing and schedule milestones. We prepare the RFP documents and send to contractors for bid. For most of our clients, the RFP specifies the final contract will be a unit price based stipulated sum contract (typically utilizing a modified A132 AIA Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Contractor, Construction Manager as Advisor Edition).

Once the bids are received, SmartSite analyzes the bids, leveling inclusions and exclusions, identifying scope gaps, and comparing the leveled bids to the construction budget. The contractor provided resource loaded schedules are reviewed to ensure the contractor understands the project/sequence and has the resources to construct the project meeting milestone dates. We conduct contractor interviews and request additional information and pricing as necessary, collaborating with the bidders to identify potential value engineering opportunities.

After this analysis is completed, SmartSite prepares an in-depth GC bidder analysis exhibit along with a formal award recommendation letter. Depending upon client needs, we can prepare the final contract with all exhibits for execution.

Why You Need It

Measurable, verifiable, constructable quantities are vital to a proper budget, schedule, and contractor schedule of values. Too often contractors are given latitude during the procurement phase to create a schedule of values that obfuscates quantities and deliverables. We have had contractors who made very costly quantity mistakes thank us for showing them the problems, even though they lost the job because of the corrections.

Bottom Line

At SmartSite we believe the worst bid should not earn the job. With our process, it’s virtually impossible for a negligent bidder to be awarded the job, and we think that’s a good thing for our clients and the contractors we work with.