Budgeting & Scheduling

The development and management of a project’s budget and schedule are critical to the overall success of any project. SmartSite provides estimating, budgeting, and scheduling services, with a focus on integrated planning throughout the life of the project

SmartSite creates concept budgets, schedules, milestone reports, and cash flows that provide a logical breakdown of costs and sequence for the project by system and by area/phase depending on the client’s needs. Our concept budgets and schedules are complete enough to set accurate expectations from the start. Budgets at this stage include risk allocations based on project information and our team’s extensive knowledge of site construction. Concept schedules focus on delivery milestones and risk, with a detailed time line for design, permitting and procurement.

As plans are finalized during the design phase, we update the budget and schedule with further details and breakdowns. During procurement, these updated documents become part of the RFP packages, and are updated again after award to reflect actual contractor pricing and resource-loading. Procurement budgets include variable risk on a line by line basis, while schedules include special emphasis on critical path activities.

Once construction begins, SmartSite provides regular budget allocations and schedule updates. These updates reflect monthly progress reporting, and include adjustments made for any project scope or sequence changes.

Why You Need It

A project’s budget and schedule combine to form a road map for the project. Most owners/developers will readily acknowledge the site portion of any project has the most inherent risk and can quickly lead to an over-budget, behind-schedule project. Our expert consultants specialize in breaking down complicated projects (multiple stakeholders, multiple contracts, and/or multiple phases/takedowns) into manageable reports that quickly and clearly deliver the information clients need for a successful project.

Bottom Line

SmartSite offers reliable, dependable budgeting and scheduling services from conceptual design through project closeout. Our consultants have the experience and capabilities to provide accurate detailed budgets and schedules to facilitate project success.