Every now and then, a project’s constraints and deadlines just don’t add up to traditional delivery methods.

The fall of 2011 was one of those times for St. Charles Communities and SmartSite. Two permits were woefully delayed yet the projects completion deadlines couldn’t change. This meant that SmartSite had to deliver 100 total building units (mixed single family dwellings and townhomes) including all related storm water management, utilities, and paving infrastructure in only six weeks. Adding to this difficulty was this 6 weeks spanned the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas; traditionally the most difficult deadline period of the year. Both projects goals would normally have taken eight months each with traditional delivery methods. SmartSite was facing the tallest challenge of their young history.

SmartSite rose to the challenge. Utilizing SmartSite’s modeling and procurement approach, the scopes were broken down to the smallest detail and awarded to multiple contractors. Using the model as the basis for both the contract volumes and schedules allowed all of the many contractors involved to work in seamless harmony. During this period SmartSite implemented the model in the field so that all of the foremen could get immediate real time feedback from the seat of their machines to ensure they were in the right place doing the right thing, the right way, and at the right time.

Six weeks later, on the evening before the deadline, the projects’ goals were accomplished — disaster averted. When asked how it was possible, Frank Duduk answered “Information — getting the right information to the right people and at the right time.”